ZX Vega+ Refunds
850 backers have requested to be Represented as Creditors totalling £99409

Missed delivery dates

1st missed delivery date: End of September 2016

RCL never gave an excuse for missing the September 2016 delivery date. On September 26, RCL posted update 19 stating "The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ to give it it’s full name, will launch on the 20th October".

2nd missed delivery date: October 2016

On November 26 (almost a month after the missed delivery date) RCL announced that children at the Wired 2016 Next Generation event in early November had identified a problem with the design of one of the buttons.

3rd missed delivery date: In time for Xmas 2016

On November 28, an article in the Inquirer by Chris Merriman stated that RCL could no longer promise a Xmas delivery, but confirmed that backers' money had been ringfenced. Suzanne Martin stated they would not be giving any delivery dates unless they were 110% certain.

On December 23, a VentureBeat article was published called Retro Sinclair ZX Spectrum handheld console to ship in February after series of delays. The article said, "In short, the company is now confident it will be able to dispatch the first units in February."

4th missed delivery date: February 2017

On February 10, RCL posted an update stating "First Vega + units will ship after the 20th February 2017".

On February 24, Indiegogo closed down the Vega+ campaign due to missed delivery deadlines and a lack of communication to backers. RCL immediately posted an update stating that the honour roll had now been closed.

On March 10, David Levy announced "During what we had expected would be final testing of the product prior to the first shipment, we discovered that the software for three of the user features, which had been announced for the product, had not yet been implemented. The net result of all this is that we expect to make the first shipment of Vega+ units a few weeks from now."

5th missed delivery date: A "few weeks" from March 10, 2017

No excuse was posted for the 5th missed deadline, but on April 12, the store on the RCL website stated that "Vega+ units were available for pre-order and would be shipped in Summer 2017".

6th missed delivery date: Summer 2017

Although summer in the UK officially ended on September 21, RCL quietly extended the release date on August 9. In update 61 RCL stated "We aim to begin shipping the Vega+ to backers within the next 8 weeks, and to follow this immediately with our first shipments to retail. And to the RCL trolls, we’re not going anywhere. Peace out."

7th missed delivery date: 8 weeks from August 9th (October 4th, 2017)

On September 1, RCL released update 63 and extended the deadline in their "Happy Friday" update: "Well, it's the first day of September and we are on track for the Vega+ reaching your game-hungry mittens by mid October."

8th missed delivery date: Mid October 2017

It doesn't require Nostradamus predictive skills to realise RCL will fail to deliver the Vega+ in mid October. The address confirmation emails have not been sent out, no PEGI rating has been applied for, the box has not been designed and according to bank statements, RCL are broke.

9th missed delivery date: Mid April 2018

On April 5th 2018 RCL release 3 updates after losing the small claims court case less than a week ago. The updates show RCL are now aiming for an April 2018 release to backers, blame the former directors and trolls for all RCL's problems.

10th missed delivery date: 8-12th of May 2018

On May 1st, RCL post an update stating the following "Just a tiny news nugget to let you know we are still on track for first shipments between 8th and 12th May 2018!". Another empty promise!

11th missed delivery date: 15th June 2018

On the 1st June, RCL announced by IGG update that they estimated to ship the first batch by the 15th June. This date passed without comment.

12th missed delivery date: 7th July 2018

On the 2nd of July RCL announced that the first units without games would start shipping by the end of that week.