ZX Vega+ Refunds
850 backers have requested to be Represented as Creditors totalling £99409

Half-truths and lies

Monday 8th August, 2016

RCL tweet that "We are in production and very happy to be..."

August 2016

We'll be at Gamescon!... but you misunderstood because we won't really.

26th of September 2016

Quote from David Levy

"Contributors can still pledge to secure a classic black Vega+ now that the Indiegogo campaign is in the InDemand Phase. The limited edition versions – with bases available in red, white or blue – are now no longer available."

Yet they carried on letting people give them money until indiegogo shut them down the following year.

20th October 2016

RCL: "Well what a day - we've had a manic week and yes today IS our launch day for the much anticipated Spectrum Vega - we've posted twice already today and for some strange reason none of our posts made it. We don't know why or what happened - but we're trying one more time - so fingers crossed we are third time lucky. Here we go!! Today IS our big day and we cannot believe we had computer issues today of all days, we have to see the irony in this. We have a few of our brand new consoles with some specially chosen celebrities, not least the very lovely Dermot O'Leary who was a huge fan of the original Spectrum, and we're hoping he likes his new one (with his name on) just as much. Re the practicalities many of you have been posting and messaging about, we will be contacting backers directly about the delivery schedule, so please hang fire for that. If you are a backer, please make sure your address is up to date and accurate. We are about to switch off the Roll of Honour, so make sure your name is correct on lndiegogo too. More than anything, thank you one and all for joining us on this journey which has been exciting, sometimes challenging, but always worth it - as all the best journey are 🙂 And apologies for it taking so many attempts to get today's message out to you all - and those of you never waivering in your faith, the biggest thank you of all. We would not be here without you."

No phone signal at sms??... always some excuse.

"We are closing the roll of honour" which they never did until indiegogo shut them down while money kept rolling in

28th November 2016

Suzanne Martin's Response to The Inquirer as to where is backers money

"It’s safe. It was ringfenced from the beginning and anything you hear otherwise is completely untrue. The disputes are about the proceeds from the original Spectrum Vega. Retail of the Vega+ will happen after all the backers have their machines.

14th December 2016

Rcl release a video of alleged production

The 1 and a half minute video is released which includes footage of a Vega+ being put together. At crucial spots in the video (47 seconds), the footage is suddenly sped up, and when the technician attempts to screw the screws down, they do not seem to be grabbing onto anything. As the second screw is being screwed in, the first one pops completely back up!

4th February, 2017

Keyboard attached to Vega, actual Keyboard input believed to be fake

Early March 2017

The BBC do an article after giving rcl time to produce evidence of the alledged threats against them but Suzanne Martin never does so they publish the article, clear lies to the BBC to stop them reporting and when given the chance to prove they not lying they don't

March 10th 2017

David Levy:

"Retro Computers Ltd regret to announce a further delay in shipping the Vega+ games console.

Explanation for the delay

During what we had expected would be final testing of the product prior to the first shipment, we discovered that the software for three of the user features, which had been announced for the product, had not yet been implemented. We are taking immediate action to rectify this situation but realistically we now expect it to take a few weeks before we will be ready to ship the first units.

This problem is part of the legacy that the company inherited when our former Managing Director, Paul Andrews, and our former Technical Director, Chris Smith, resigned on April 8th last year. In their letter of resignation they wrote:

"We will within 7 days of date of this notice hand over or deliver to the Company any and all assets, work in progress, tech and data currently in our possession and belonging to the company."

Unfortunately the handover did not include any technical assets, and specifically excluded the software for the Vega+ which had already, in December 2015, been developed to the point of having working prototypes available in time for the January 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We therefore had to create the Vega+ technology completely from scratch, starting in May, and the development work had to be carried out by a small team who did not have any of the specific Vega knowledge and experience of Chris Smith who led the development of both the Vega and the company’s Vega+ prototypes.

In addition to the above problems it is also taking us longer than we had hoped to fill the gaps in our list of 1,000 games caused by some games rights owners withdrawing their permission to employ their games in the Vega+. For some time now Paul Andrews has been contacting rights owners and encouraging them to withdraw their permissions. Why someone who is still a 25% shareholder in the company would do such a thing is a question best asked of Mr Andrews himself. We are making good progress in bringing the number of games back up to 1,000, thanks to many game developers and rights owners who support our project and wish to help us, but we anticipate needing a few more weeks to complete the roster.

The net result of all this is that we expect to make the first shipment of Vega+ units a few weeks from now. We will provide updates to our progress as and when we feel it is appropriate."

Two contradictions.

Firstly, they kept saying they had 1000 games when knowing for months they didn't and then had to admit they had lied to backers.

Secondly, if the all new software had all new features and was working to go into production the prior year, how could no one have not spotted THREE massive features missing? Are they refering to bugs from Chris Smith's prototype or are they saying despite having all new software, that this software was not tested and they only realised it now? Either way it's a mess of information designed to confuse and distract backers using half truths and lies.

New website after Indiegogo shut down the campaign

Rcl set up a new website immediately after indiegogo shut them down to carry on selling the Vega Plus to punters promising summer 2017 delivery after backers had their ones, it never happened and a year later they try it again with their new current website.

New website selling an non existent Vega+ V2

The New website is selling The Vega+ V2, yet with the new delivery date being right now, nobody has seen a final product. In fact, not only is the Vega+ V2 advertised on the Store not a Vega + V2, but it is a Computer Generated model of the original (never delivered) Sinclair Zx Spectrum Vega+.

14th May 2018 Update Final Shipping Details

We are starting to send out emails regarding deliveries of "The Classic Black Clive" and what you need to do. So please keep a look out for an email from us - this won't come via the Indiegogo platform . If you haven't received an email in 48 hours please contact us at Hello@retro.business Happy Monday ?

No backers receive an email from RCL within the next 48 hours.

22nd May 2018 Update#86

"Since the beginning of last week, when we informed our backers what Andrews and Melbourne have done, a number of you emailed us to say that they they prefer to have their Vega+ without any games already installed".
As most backers will know, we have not only been asking for The Vega+ delivered minus games for the past week. Many backers have been asking this constantly and very openly for over a year now. More stalling tactics as per usual!

May 23rd 2018 - Lying to the Press