ZX Vega+ Refunds
715 backers have requested refunds totalling £81105

Dear Vega+ Backers
Due to constant technical issues on RCL's behalf (thanks trolls and spammers), we have decided to help by asking backers to log refund requests below so RCL can cross check this page with their email requests from backers and be reassured they haven't missed any backers request for a refund. Remember, RCL never refuse a refund!
Also, to view the list of current backers that have requested a refund or fill in the form to add your name to the list!
Note: This is not an official RCL request form, but rather evidence of backers requesting refunds.

Step 1

Fill in your details in the form below.

Step 2

Click the "Add me to the refund list" Button.

Step 3

If you entered your details correctly, your refund request will be added to the list.

I would like a refund from Retro Computers Ltd and want my name added to the list as evidence of my refund request for the attention of RCL and the media/public.