ZX Vega+ Refunds
850 backers have requested to be Represented as Creditors totalling £99409

Dear Vega+ Backers

As many of you are aware Retro Computers Limited are in the process of winding up. At present we currently have over 700 backers requesting over £80,000+ from our previous RCL Refund Request campaign which in itself was a great achievement by the backers. This has not gone unnoticed by those that matter behind the scenes and it is because of this the admin of this site “Graham Kenny” has been contacted by “those that matter” to officially represent The ZX Vega Plus backers. The Admin has said he is willing to speak on behalf of and represent the backers much as he has done since this sites founding in May 2018, but this cannot be done officially without sole permission of each of the backers.

Much like the previous Refund Request Petition we would ask all backers to sign up for what will most likely be our last chance to claim what is rightfully ours and/or see justice done to those who have wronged over 4700 backers.

We would ask that you read carefully the following and fill in your details below

Note: The backers Email address information will not be made public on this site.

Step 1

Fill in your details in the form below.

Step 2

Click the "Represent me as a Creditor" Button.

Step 3

If you entered your details correctly, your request will be added to the list.

By Clicking "Represent me as a Creditor" I would like that the Admin of the https://clivehelpus.website “Graham Kenny” would speak out, represent and pass on to the relevant authorities the information requested above by the backers in the sole interest of recovering monies owed.